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If you've ever been in the looking for support for your WordPress website then i believe that you understand the importance of trust factor, when it comes to fixing your websites and related errors.

It is very important to do the WordPress fixing and other WordPress maintenance jobs in a professional manner without harming your current structure of website as well as keeping your website’s confidentiality intact.

We have more than 7 years of experience with WordPress. We have helped many of our clients and friends in fixing their WordPress related errors, issues & problems and other WordPress related jobs.

We will appreciate, if you can read some testimonials of fellow warriors in the thread below, who have used my WordPress fix as well as other WordPress related services in the past.

Wishing You Best!
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50% Upfront, Fully Refundable, if You are not satisfied

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I just had Vikash go through one of my WP installs and I have to say I was very impressed. Not only did he respond very quickly, but he did a very thorough job for the price...I must say that if you need one of your WP installs looked at or repaired, this service is the absolute best you'll find for the price. I'll be using Vikash again for one-time uses and will be signing up for his monthly service shortly.
Highly recommended op.

icex999, Originally Posted by icex999 @ Warrior Forum

I am so impressed with Vikash. My entire hosting account was hacked last week. My sites went down and I was basically out of business. I didn't have any backups of my site. I spent two days with tech support at hostgator and they couldn't do a thing.
Within a half hour of hiring Vikash after the hostgator debacle he had already made more progress than they had in two days.
He worked through the weekend and got all my sites restored, got security on them, and I feel like my online properties are safe for the first time in a long time.
This guy knows his stuff. Make sure to hire him for your WP stuff.

TyBrown, Originally Posted by TyBrown @ Warrior Forum

Vikash was very fast to make new website for me also he fixed previous problems that I had on other projects. What I like about him - is his fast response. You dont have to wait forever to get things done. Also he takes initiative on his own and fixes what is necessary himself without any extra direction

dublinwp, Originally Posted by dublinwp @ Warrior Forum

Excellent Service!

Vikash helped me within minutes of my communication.

softstor, Originally Posted by softstor @ Warrior Forum

Fantastic Quick Service by Vikash....
He really is an WordPress Expert as he was able to resolve my WordPress issue with in one business day. He has great communication skills and will be glad to refer him for future reference for myself and clients. I Highly Recommend his service to anyone.
Well Done. Vikash!......

Luke 69, Originally Posted by Luke 69 @ Warrior Forum

Vikash help solve a WP Menu issue that I couldn't solve after days of frustrating attempts. I would highly recommend his services and plan on using him to solve my WP issues.


dlineham, Originally Posted by dlineham @ Warrior Forum

He did a great job! I highly recommend his service!

Taylor Stewart G, Originally Posted by Taylor Stewart G @ Warrior Forum

I just wanted to drop by and say what a fantastic job Vikash and team has done for me.I gave him a somewhat unusual request which he took on with no complaint.He did a thorough job of breaking down my tasks and completing them in a timely and efficient manner.Each step was followed up with his team asking if everything was done to my satisfaction.If you are short on time and/or tech savvy,you should contact Vikash.

Garymgar, Originally Posted by Garymgar @ Warrior Forum

I hired Vikash to install a new theme and migrate the content from our old site, I must say he done a top job! Vikash has excellent communication skills and is willing to go extra mile to help you out, very patient and reliable. I highly recommend him and I will work him again, no doubt it.

mcp200, Originally Posted by mcp200 @ Warrior Forum

In the past couple of months, Vikash has been helpful and responsive in solving a few issues I had with my WordPress site, as well as to migrate a couple of sites over to new hosting accounts.
Thanks, Vikash!

Lafferty, Originally Posted by Lafferty @ Warrior Forum

Vikash is my go to person for all my website needs. Whats turned into an emergency situation with a clients site has turned into a great business relationship. Thank you again Vikash, you are the man!

mckennabrowny, Originally Posted by mckennabrowny

Vikash is the best!

His communication and technical skills are really outstanding. I would recommend him to anyone.

zahedi117, Originally Posted by zahedi117 @ Warrior Forum

Great job, great communication, great price! Who could ask for more? Thanks Vikash!

ldelre, Originally Posted by ldelre @ Warrior Forum

I just used him again for a hard to find issue and he found it and did exactly what I asked for. He is now officially my Wordpress guy!

acuman, Originally Posted by acuman @ Warrior Forum

Can you say lifesaver! Vikash came to the rescue after I had a very bad experience with a web designer. He was thorough and extremely patient with all the revisions. He made sure everything was perfect and he is my go to guy for all my WP problems.

mckennabrowny, Originally Posted by mckennabrowny @ Warrior Forum

Hello fellow Warriors, Vikash is presently helping me update a theme that quit working after the WP 3.7.1 update. Vikash has been in touch regularly, very professional, and is making the theme work again even with the newest WP update to version 3.8. He has also has a reasonable/good price. I will continue to work with Vikash in the future

Joe Coon, Originally Posted by Joe Coon @ Warrior Forum

I just used him and he edited certain areas of my site and fixed a few things.

Thanks for the good work! I will definitely use again!

acuman, Originally Posted by acuman @ Warrior Forum

Had to leave a quick review...
Wow, contacted this guy in the small hours of Sunday with an urgent problem. He responded fast, handled my job immediately and efficiently, and even managed to find and fix problems that I didn't know about. His rates are very modest, too. Highly recommended.

NddS777 , Originally Posted by NddS777 @ Warrior Forum

I found Vikash on a Warrior Forum thread and I sent him an email with the instructions. He responded back within a few hours. The pricing was very satisfactory and he did the job EXACTLY as per the instructions. Highly recommended and will come back for more in the future!

charidemos, Originally Posted by charidemos @ Warrior Forum

Vikash took care of my WordPress issue quickly and professionally. I'm very happy to have found this thread; he's now my go-to person for any WordPress issues. Thank you.

Audrey Harvey, Originally Posted by Audrey Harvey @ Warrior Forum

I hired Vikash for and urgent issue. I sell websites and I had a customer with a really crazy hosting account that I could not understand.
He jumped in and got the site transfer completed in a very short time and for a very fair price. He was very communicative and did a very professional job.
I would definitely recommend his services if you need any WordPress help, he knows what he is doing.

jaybox, Originally Posted by jaybox @ Warrior Forum

I have spent several years in the internet marketing industry and in my situation it literally takes years to find someone who can outsource your work to. ANY WORK for that matter. Over the past years I have eventually found someone to do graphics, writing, seo etc etc. But when it comes to Wordpress every so called "Guru" I hired just seemed to either 1) Not understand me or 2) Screw up my website. I don't know about you but when I want something done ESPECIALLY regarding my website I want it done immediately. In my shoes iv given up outsourcing any of my work to India but after seeing vikash_kumar prices I got suckered in again!!
Let me tell you I am extremely pleased with not only his english but his fast response time and almost instant turn around time. From here on out he is my "go to guy" for all my wordpress needs. Thank you so much vikash for the outstanding performance.

Michael Fied, Originally Posted by Michael Fied @ Warrior Forum

I had a MAJOR urgent problem with my Wordpress site on Friday and couldn't get ahold of my regular web designer. I found Vikash here on WarriorForum, sent him a PM and within minutes we had agreed on a price for him to fix it. He then quickly fixed it! (i didn't tell him "how" to fix it either - he knew exactly what to do.) I noticed another problem and he fixed that too. It was just unbelievable how fast he was. Very affordable pricing as well. I will definitely come back to him for more Wordpress related projects.

sdingram, Originally Posted by sdingram @ Warrior Forum

I found Vikash on warriorforum and approached him for a simple Wordpress fix on my blog. Although I am willing to pay for this ... but Vikash is willing to do it for me free of charge. And he immediately fix it for me. Wow. I am very impressed with his quick and professional service!
Will I go to Vikash if I need any wordpress help again? Yes, definitely!
If you ever need any wordpress expert, he is the guy you should go to.
Thank you very much, Vikash. I wish you the best!

nicebiz, Originally Posted by nicebiz @ Warrior Forum

I tend to be a bit wary of providers who have a short series of perfect testimonials, so I could hardly believe I hopped on board with Vikash. After trying to sort a problem out for the last couple of days, I found him here on the forum and he cracked it! I'm sure the problem was something quite simple but it would probably have taken me hours to track it down. Vikash saved me those hours and delivered a happy client back to me. I am suitably impressed and I will almost certainly be using this gentleman again.

RaymondoBoss, Originally Posted by RaymondoBoss @ Warrior Forum

Vikash has been more then helpful. He initially contacted me for a service I provide but he noticed a "Glitch" in my website as we were talking...
So I had him do the corrections and he did it in a record time.
He has great communication skills and values good customer service, it's obvious to me.
If you need help about the service he's offering, he's your man!

- Michel

Mason13, Originally Posted by Mason13 @ Warrior Forum

Vikash is the man! My site was having some strange issues that had me wanting to pull my hair out and I had no idea how to go about fixing it...luckily I found this his thread here because he was able to find the problem and resolve it in record time.

His communication is awesome too so from now on Vikash is going to be the first person I contact for anything Wordpress I can't figure out myself. Thanks again, your help was greatly appreciated!


JohnZ, Originally Posted by JohnZ @ Warrior Forum

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